Top 5 Mobile App Designs of July 2018

July 31, 2018

This month we’ve got a great roundup of the coolest apps of the summer for you. These mobile app designs are massive, they’ve got simple designs with intuitive color palettes that lead to a smooth user experience. Let’s get started, as we can’t wait to share these bright apps that might just take you to the next level.

1. HomeCourt by NEX Team Inc.

If you know anyone who loves basketball, you may have heard “ball is life” slip out of their mouths more times than you care to count. HomeCourt is an AI-based app that can help you improve your game. The app records your shots, analyzes your performance, and even lets you compete with teammates to make you a better basketball player in the end. What we love about this mobile app design is that it incorporates several different ways of visualizing your personal stats, such as a map of the court and comprehensive graphs. The mobile app design brings together the best of a coach’s clipboard and stats from ESPN into one cohesive user experience.

A photo of HomeCourt, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of July 2018Source:  TechCrunch

2. Lime by Neutron Holdings. Inc.

Unless you’ve sworn off tech news for the summer (wow, that would be difficult), you know that scooters are taking over cities across the world. With a simple download and scan of a QR code, riders can be zooming across the city in no time. While we won’t take sides on who we think will win “the scooter wars,” Lime is one of the top contenders. Their mobile app design keeps it basic to get riders on their way faster. While locating a scooter, riders can move around a map of their surroundings looking for lime icons where they can find a scooter. Once a rider has located one, they need to scan the QR code of the scooter they’d like to use. When the app verifies that the scooter in question has sufficient battery power, the rider is free to start their trip and can monitor the distance and cost as they go with easy-to-read ride stats.

A photo of Lime, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of July 2018Source:  iTunes

3. Clarity Money by Clarity Money

Any app that helps us do the right thing is a good one in our book. Clarity Money helps users save, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and maintain a clear view of their personal finances. This app automates saving and gives users a heads up on what their hard earned money is actually going to. When it comes to the mobile app design, Clarity Money is minimalism at its finest. With no frills, this app takes financial literacy down to its bare bones. It is white with muted pastels for call to action buttons. The roundness of the buttons and cards makes this app feel as smooth as it is useful. As the cherry on top, Clarity Money also has pleasant icons interspersed to make personal finance a bit more enjoyable.

A photo of Clarity Money, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of July 2018Source:  PCMag

4. Couch to 5K® by Active Network, LLC

Summer is here and even though the rooftop bars might be calling, staying active is still important. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and that’s exactly what Couch to 5K® provides. Part personal trainer, part motivator, part workout log—this app has it all. This colorful mobile app design has animations, in-depth personal metrics, and more to get users from being couch potatoes to being able to run 5K race in just a few short weeks (as the name suggests). In an era where nearly anything can be gamified, we certainly agree that making workouts more fun with amusing characters can only lead to positive outcomes.

A photo of Couch to 5K, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of July 2018Source:  iTunes

5. A Color Story by A Color Story LLC

A Color Story is a drool-worthy app, as it makes your summer photos even better with an amazing design at its foundation. From the perfect filters, to unexpected effects, and numerous editing tools—this app is quickly becoming a poolside necessity. The designers were able to pack in an incredible amount of features to help users edit their images to perfection. Along the bottom of the screen, users can scroll through the many different options for editing their photos, by tapping delightful icons. The feature that we most appreciate is a list of the filters and edits that are currently in use on a photo. The user has the option to save their edited image, tap the “x” next to the edit they want to remove, or keep going with more edits.

A photo of A Color Story, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of July 2018Source: A Color Story

That wraps up the apps for July, but if you’d like to explore some of our other favorite mobile app designs, check out our June installment.

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