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Five Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls You Need to Avoid

August 9, 2016

Sometimes, quick advertising is dangerous advertising. The mobile app world is filled with pitfalls, and modern marketers are pushing ahead by rooting out problems before they emerge. From a mobile standpoint, apps drive ROI, retention and outreach. That said, it’s pretty easy to slip up, fall out of the race and ruin your app’s marketability. To avoid a disapproving or indifferent fan-base, avoid the following five mistakes when it comes to mobile app marketing:

Mistake #1: Not Linking Your Review Page to a Call-to-Action


CTAs are far more important in the mobile app world. In fact, many of this year’s top 10 mobile app UIs were aligned with fantastic call-to-action promotion. The app store will be your primary mobile app marketing platform. Unfortunately, however, it’ll take time to get used to. It’s important to encourage reviews. It’s more important to tie review prompts to calls-to-action.

Why? Because a call-to-action, when married to review prompts, encourages ongoing support. It supports the real-time environment your mobile app marketing strategy needs to promote. Don’t neglect your app’s title, either, and be sure to include keywords in both descriptions and CTAs.

Mistake #2: Passing Off Your Mobile Website as a Mobile App

Today, Google Play and the iTunes App Store carry over 750,000 apps. It’s a busy world out there, and a lot of app marketers are losing focus by promoting mobile websites. Don’t make the same mistake when it comes to your mobile app marketing strategy.

To effectively publish an app, you’ll need a mobile website. Don’t prioritize this website, however, or customers will search for alternative, native, apps. Native apps are built to handle spotty Internet connections, limited time and low LTE service. Don’t over-promote your mobile website. If you do, fans will misconstrue it for a non-native app.

Mistake #3: Not Implementing a Rewards Program

While a long-term endeavor, your mobile app marketing rewards program needs to be tied to your app’s promotion. Currently, about 50 percent of American consumers make direct purchases after receiving a branded QR code, coupon, or SMS discount. If you can maneuver your digital amenities into a mobile app, you can ensure a successful marketing campaign. You need to design and promote your app around recurring use. To do so, you need to give customers a reason to fire up the utility.

Mistake #4: Not Using In-app Communication Tools


In-app communication tools, too, are vital to its marketability. Give your users a way to submit feedback, and listen thoroughly. If your resources are low, discuss in-app feedback options with your provider. Often, intelligent rating options are available through the hands of capable mobile app marketing professionals. Additionally, you should also brush up on your mobile marketing industry trends. In understanding your market segments, you will understand customer responses.

Mistake #5: Not Promoting Novelty Features


It can’t be said enough: The mobile world is filled with apps. If your apps utility is novelty-driven, it’s better than a majority of the market’s offers. You will, however, need to focus on novelty-driven features for it to succeed. Consumers stick with apps they need. Regardless of your brand’s industry, it can generate a slew of consumer benefits with little effort.

Once you’ve promoted your app’s novelty features, remind users why they need them. If you’re running an airport scheduling app, remind users of local Starbucks options. Even better: Link up with the provider, offer coupons and drip your promotions across active seasons. Engaging apps, when promoted correctly, prosper. Consumers will need to stay constantly reminded of your app’s presence at first, but they’ll inherently “drift” back to it if the above pitfalls have been avoided.

Mobile app marketing takes time. It requires consistency, too. Employ your strategies early on, and reap the rewards of a pleased consumer population intent on further promoting great services.

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