Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of January 2021

February 2, 2021

As we lean into winter and get used to it being 2021, designers have been hard at creating interesting mobile interaction designs. These creations reimagine the way we delete content, store data, and more. Read on below to learn more. 

1. Cloud Storage App Interactions by tubik

Cloud storage is a must these days to back up data and access it everywhere we go. There is a lot to love in this mobile interaction design, from the way the cards fall and bounce into place to the smooth transitions when tapping into a section using the pop-up menu. But the design element that we love the most is the to-do section. Tapping on an item on the to-do list results in two gratifying motions. First, the box next to the task you’ve completed fills with a checkmark. And, next, all of the text is crossed out. These motions make this design feel more life-like as if we are keeping track of tasks on paper and crossing them out as we complete them.

Source: Dribbble

2. Fintech App  – Transfer Process by Utilo

As peer to peer payment apps have gotten more advanced, they have also become popular with consumers around the world. Despite this, the typical design for these apps has been quite drab. This mobile app design takes many of the elements we’re used to: a “favorites” section for quick payments and an easy way to invite new users, and either simplifies them or adds a moment of delight. The mobile app design is must more simple compared to other players in the market. The end of the transaction is when this mobile interaction design’s flair comes out to play. Tapping to confirm a payment tilts the card and sends it zooming to the left off the screen. In its place, a transaction confirmation appears on the screen, and small designs move outward from the “My Receipt” header.

3. Delete Account Animation by Henrique Rossatto

Any good app makes it easy to delete data, as no user wants it cluttering their experience or posing a privacy threat down the road. This fun mobile interaction design makes deleting something in-app much more playful. Tapping on the little orange trash can condenses the content towards the top of the screen. Simultaneously, the lid lifts off the trash can, and the content flings into it. Lastly, the lid falls back onto the can, wobbling until it settles into place.

Source: Dribbble

4. Paint – Mobile App by Outcrowd

Home renovations are all the rage during quarantine, so this mobile interaction design aims to help users pick the type and quantity of paint. Tapping onto a certain type of paint brings up a line graph, giving users the ability to toggle the dot left or right to decrease or increase the quantity. The quantity shows up in a little icon above the dot that looks like a balloon and tilts as it zooms left and right. As you choose a larger quantity of paint, the container’s representation seems to fill up accordingly, and the paint sloshes around until it calms down.

Source: Dribbble

5. Cart Page Animation by Yeasin Arafat for Halal Lab

This retail app reimagines the process of deleting an item from a cart. The mobile interaction design shows that the product carts are sensitive enough to move around when swiping left and right. But it is unlikely that the user will delete something by accident, as they have to fully swipe the product to the left in order to make it disappear. At that point, an orange fluid shape sends out an “x” to push the product off the screen and allows the next product below it to move up to occupy its place.

Source: Dribbble

That’s all for January but be sure to check out last month’s edition, featuring the best mobile interaction designs of December 2020

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