Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of December 2020

December 22, 2020

What an unexpected year we’ve had. From a pandemic to political unrest, we can all agree that we are ready to leave 2020 behind. To end the year on a more positive note, we’ve picked out some great mobile interaction designs. Luckily designers around the world are still finding inspiration in these unprecedented times and creating wonderful things.

1. Shopping App Interaction by Karol Cichoń for intent
Online grocery shopping has become much more popular during this pandemic. This app concept approaches the add to cart function quite differently. When a user taps on a product and is taken to that product’s screen, a quick tap of the add to cart button moves the page’s content up. Next, a cart icon and the contents of it pop up at the bottom of the screen. Then the items move over to the left to make room for the newest product, which falls down the screen to occupy the last spot on the right. After it is added and the user taps the cart icon, the black background takes over the screen in a fluid motion and provides more detail on the cart’s quantity and cost.

Source: Dribbble

2. Plant Care Mobile Interaction by Taras Migulko
Not everyone has a green thumb. If you have a hard time keeping plants alive, this app concept is for you. First, a user searches for their plan in-app, then they get customized watering, pruning, and lighting instructions. The user can tap the type of light they can give the plant and then move on to the pruning suggestions. The icons along the bottom of the screen light up in green as the user accomplishes each task. For those who need more assistance, the user can even take a picture of their plant to assess how well they care for it. All of this data is wrapped up on the app’s home screen to help them keep track of their plant’s progress at a glance.

Source: Dribbble

3. Payment App by Lukáš Straňák for PLATFORM
This is a comprehensive payment app concept that builds in security features, recent payments, analytics, and more. After entering the correct password, the app’s home screen is laid out very logically, with recent recipients near the top (as you’re most likely to pay those people).  Scrolling down the screen shows recent transactions and below that is the feature that most called out to us. The active merchants is a section that we haven’t seen on payment apps previously. The logos that bounce up and down on the map are presumably shops that accept payment via this app or maybe ones that offer a discount. Adding this feature made the payment app more tangible and usable in the real world to us.

Source: Dribbble

4. Meditation App Animation by Flexy Global
We could all use a bit more peace and mindfulness these days, and this mobile interaction design certainly delivers. The happiness course has a soothing, colorful feather that follows the user around the app. When tapping on to the card, the feathers move up the screen and slowly fade away. Then they are replaced by another feather in the center of the screen that stays put for the duration of the meditation. When finished with the exercise, it vanishes, and the two other feathers come back onto the card to show the user how many days in a row, they have taken the meditation course.

Source: Dribbble

5. Holidays UI Animations by Pierre Kleinhouse for
Lastly, we have a fun mobile interaction design inspired by the holiday season. Tapping buttons is a pretty cut and dry process usually. The button might change colors or something simple along those lines, but never before have we seen buttons be this festive! In a design for, this creative takes holiday cheer to the next level. All of the buttons turn green and have a custom animation to show that the tasks are done. “Build a snowman” is our favorite: clicking it brings up a snowy scene in which snowballs roll around and come together with sticks, coal, a carrot, and a scarf to form the perfect snowman.

Source: Dribbble

That’s all for December but be sure to check out last month’s edition, featuring the best mobile interaction designs of November 2020

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