Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Winter 2021

December 30, 2021

It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to an end. We are all hoping for a better and brighter 2022, and designers are getting us closer to that ideal right now with all the mobile app designs they’ve released recently. This quarter we’ve kept our eyes open for the best designs, and the apps we found certainly didn’t disappoint. Let’s jump right in. 

1. CapCut  – Video Editor by Bytedance

Video apps are all the rage right now, with TikTok getting more traffic than Google in 2021. But there are many apps behind the scenes that are helping users shoot, spruce up, and add music to their creations that are then ready to share on Instagram, TikTok, or other sites. CapCut is one such app that enables easy video editing within a simple mobile interface. It offers a basic black background that puts video content front and center. The editing options are along the bottom of the screen, making it possible to add stickers, text, music, and filters at the tap of a button.

A photo of CapCut, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Winter 2021

Source: TechCrunch

2. AutoSleep Track Sleep by Tantsissa

With any luck, sleep takes up about one-third of our days. AutoSleep is an app that helps users get the most out of those eight hours by monitoring sleep quality and enabling users to wake up a bit more refreshed. The mobile app design is smartly color-coded with red, yellow, orange, and green to help users understand the quality of their sleep and vitals at a glance. There is even a feature to help calculate the latest possible bedtime to still get a good night’s rest, which helps the user plan their evening routine accordingly. And for the data-driven out there, some graphs analyze each hour of sleep, visualizing key metrics and sleep stages.

A photo of AutoSleep Track Sleep, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Winter 2021

Source: AutoSleep

3. Planta by Strömming AB

Caring for plants can be difficult, as different types have unique watering schedules and light preferences. Instead of guessing and killing yet another plant, some realistic plant-lovers are turning toward an app called Planta. It enables users to identify new plants, get recommendations for watering and lighting, and troubleshoot diseases. The mobile app design is as beautiful as you’d expect, with a clean, simple layout that makes use of a muted color palette to let plants and their upkeep take center stage. The earth tones the app employs make it easy to highlight the user’s actions with bright colored buttons.

A photo of Planta, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Winter 2021

Source: Review Geek

4. Cookpad by Cookpad

We love a good recipe app. Any that helps us add to our repertoire is helpful in our books, but when we find one with a spot-on mobile app design, we can’t wait to tell you about it! Cookpad is one of those apps that enable exploration and sharing. We love the feature that lets users scroll through cards of popular categories for those nights when you know you want to try something new but need some inspiration — complete with pictures you can almost taste. Another helpful part of the app experience is an easy way to type up and add images to your own recipes you want to share with other users. Then, it’s quite easy to scroll through the recipes you’ve made recently, much like a social media feed.

A photo of Cookpad, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Winter 2021

Source: Cookpad

5. Splitwise by Splitwise

Keeping track of shared expenses can be a pain, whether it’s a group trip or monthly bills among roommates. Instead of breaking out an old-school spreadsheet, Splitwise offers a colorful mobile app design to keep track of shared expenses and settle them quickly. This financial organization tool keeps a running tab between users and their friends to help split costs equitably, with a banner that shows what the user owes and is owed. Scrolling up from here breaks it down by each individual friend, with their name and image to the left and the amount needed to settle the transactions color-coded in orange or turquoise to the right. In all, we love the basic background of the app design that easily enables customization for specific trips and between selected groups of people.

A photo of Splitwise, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Winter 2021

Source: Splitwise

That’s all for winter but be sure to check out last season’s edition, featuring the best mobile app designs of fall 2021

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