Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Fall 2021

September 29, 2021

Fall has arrived, and as usual, we’ve been keeping tabs on hot apps all summer to create our latest roundup of the top mobile app designs. Let’s jump right in and explore app designs that are transcending the status quo. 

1. Too Good to Go by Too Good to Go

Did you know that up to 40% of food produced globally goes to waste every year? Too Good to Go is combating that by connecting restaurants and markets with bargain seekers. Instead of letting prepared foods and fresh produce go to waste, app users can get deep discounts on food that would have been thrown out. This mobile app design keeps it very simple, with a quick toggle between list and map views that highlight the available food near you. The understated sea green color palette keeps the mobile interface calm as well. With the help of effective suggested filters of “hide sold-out” and others, it’s very easy to pinpoint great food nearby to reduce waste and save money. 

A photo of Too Good to Go, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Fall 2021

Source: Roman Road LDN

2. Kitchen Stories by AJNS New Media

Since 2020, we have to admit that our kitchen skills have improved immensely with so much time spent at home. Kitchen Stories is a mobile app that helps home cooks find, save, follow, and even create recipes. Two features, in particular, attracted us to this mobile app design. First, it offers the ability to save recipes from other websites, creating a comprehensive repository for users. The look and feel is almost like Pinterest, offering four cards at a time to scroll through, complete with delicious images. Secondly, being able to contribute high-quality recipes is another fun part of this mobile app design. Within the clean white layout, users can record a video or photo using a capture interface like we’re used to on Instagram.

A photo of Kitchen Stories, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Fall 2021

Source: Medium

3. Oak Meditation by Big Sky Health

As we continue to navigate an uncertain world, meditation and relaxation are still as important as ever. Oak Meditation offers a particularly sleek mobile app design, reminiscent of a spa experience, with its soft patterns and hues. The UI guides users through meditations, as do competitors, but what makes this mobile app design stand out to us is the “streaks” screen. While the experience is gamified and aims to get users to unlock new levels by completing more meditations, it does so in a way that brings in nature photos and a muted color palette to avoid overstimulation.

A photo of Oak Meditation, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Fall 2021

Source: Lighter Capital

4. Vhista by Juan David Cruz Serrano

Beyond connecting us to people and information, mobile technology has the ability to do so much more for users. Vhista, for example, makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help the vision impared take photos of the world around them and hear an explanation of what is in front of them. Over the years, mobile technology has improved functionality to ensure that the computers in our pockets can do more to help with everyday challenges. The mobile app design is intuitive and offers minimal buttons to be able to serve its purpose easily. It enables users to quickly snap a photo, then listen to the description. If needed, the user can share or copy the description, in case it might be useful for someone else as well.

A photo of Vhista, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Fall 2021

Source: El Diario NYC

5. Alpenglow by Andrew Yates

Last but not least, we have a fun one for you. Love catching the sunrise or sunset? Alpenglow will help you track them so that you never miss another. From a forecast with visibility projected four days out to a map with a compass showing where it will occur, users are sure to catch more sunrises and sunsets with this app. Beyond its inherent usefulness, the mobile app design is full of bright colors to bring a bit of personality to an app that elevates some of the information typically presented by weather apps. Photographers and romantics alike can’t go on without this app.

A photo of Alpenglow, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Fall 2021

Source: Andrew Yates

That’s all for fall but be sure to check out last season’s edition, featuring the best mobile app designs of summer 2021

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