Top 5 Mobile App Designs of March 2020

March 26, 2020

The mobile industry has certainly experienced a boost recently, as some employees learn to work from home and communication apps help us keep in touch with loved ones. From productivity to entertainment to wellness, apps are a strong foundation for the “social distancing” reality many people find themselves in. 

In a time where mobile is more important than ever, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mobile app designs to hopefully introduce you to some new ones and inspire any creative endeavors you may be working on from your home office. 

1. RTRO – Camera by Moment

With high-powered cameras built into our phones and apps like RTRO, we can make great videos on the fly. RTRO is an app that combines simplicity with an old school feel. This mobile app design makes it easy to turn picture perfect moments into vintage classics with the help of filters to swipe through on the top of the screen and options to record and view certain parts of the video along the bottom. For any creatives looking to make fun videos that are quite customizable, RTRO is a great pick.

A photo of RTRO, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of March 2020

Source: RTRO


In a world where short form video is king, a competitor is taking on TikTok’s undeniable rise to power. Likee is an app that allows users to express their creativity through videos with high quality effects and beautification features. With the tap of a big bright pink button users can follow fellow content creators and find interesting videos from all over the world. This candy colored mobile app design makes special effects and finding community easier than ever. The app designers fit a ton of functionality into the app and make it simple to navigate using bright colored, rounded buttons.

 A photo of Likee, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of March 2020Source: The Motley Fool

3. Sanctuary Astrology by Sanctuary Ventures Inc

Whether you believe in astrology or merely find it entertaining, there are a number of astrology related apps out there to provide the insights you’re after. Sanctuary pulls in astrology information from leaders in the space and even presents the opportunity to chat with them to better understand your unique astrology reading. The mobile app design has an old time vibe with muted colors and over-the-top fonts. In particular, we are big fans of the fun icons that line the bottom of the screen. They help users navigate between the four main areas of the app and point them in the right direction with images that perfectly represent some of the core areas of astrology.

4. Amazon Music for Artists by AMZN Mobile LLC

For any musicians out there, you know better than anyone how digital the industry has become. And digging into the data to understand what music lovers are engaging with and searching for will help you make music that will reach a broader audience. Amazon Music for Artists is the latest addition to help musicians understand their fans better. The mobile app design is a dark mode fanatic’s dream come true. On top of its dark background, it brings together colorful graphs, visually displaying key figures that modern musicians need to know. The most innovative feature so far in this app is its ability to break down voice metrics. Using this meter, artists can understand how many fans are requesting their songs using Alexa.

A photo of Amazon Music for Artists, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of March 2020

Source: iTune

5. Calmer You by PSYT

Last, but certainly not least, is an app that can help calm us down. With news bombarding us day and night, on top of all the responsibilities and challenges of the average day, making time to breathe and take care of ourselves becomes more important than ever. Calmer You’s mobile app design offers relaxing images and cards with different guided sessions to swipe through. From the rounded buttons outlined in blue to the simplified home screen that makes action items clear and manageable, we’re certain that Calmer You will help smartphone users get centered and reduce anxiety.

A photo of Calmer You, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of March 2020Source: TechCrunch

That wraps up the apps for March, but if you’d like to explore some of our other favorite mobile app designs, check out our February installment

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