Even better prototyping in 2018

A roundup.

January 18, 2018

Maybe because we doubled in size, or possibly due to our brand new offices, but from incorporating VR prototyping in to working day and night on a new product (yes you heard that right) and everything in between, 2017 has been a pretty amazing year.

So what was so amazing about 2017? Well, the team has grown, in fact, we doubled in size, and so did the users. We built fantastic new offices to fit us all and launched a bunch of great new features to help YOU make your prototyping process a lot easier. Let’s check them out one by one – in order of appearance 😀

1. Simplify your workflow – new & enhanced export options

We kicked-off 2017 with a feature many of you asked for and introduced new export options. To help you simplify your workflow, we allow you to export individual states of screens or multiple UI items at once; export your assets in different pixel densities depending on what you’re working on and even export whole containers regardless of the screen size. Find out more

2. Revamped Properties & Interactions inspector

Do you remember the properties and interaction inspector that followed you everywhere? 😫 We heard you, and we moved it, giving you more canvas space to work on your awesome projects.

3. Ease yourself into thrill-seeking animations – New Visual Easings Manager

Custom Easings… one of our favorites as it gives you infinite animation possibilities! We were working on this project for a very long time, but at the end of the day, it was all worth it because the feedback we got from you guys was overwhelming. Find out more

4. New Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts + Math in the Inspector. (+,-,*,/)

You use your muscle memory daily, for almost everything right? So why not use your muscle memory from Sketch to use our new zoom keyboard shortcuts. We also introduced math for the inspector which allows you to perform mathematical operations in any numerical input boxes in the Editor. Find out more

5. Prototype realistic apps for the iPhone X.

Now we couldn’t stay behind on this one, could we? The most cutting-edge iPhone design yet, bringing with it new challenges for designers. We made everything we could to help you prototype for the new iPhone X before it was officially out, notch and all. Find out more

6. Prototype VR experiences with – Our new VR Components library (beta)

As designing for VR is on the rise, this is one of the most important features we introduced in 2017. Our new VR Components library still in beta, allows you to prototype VR experiences straight within Find out more

7. Let’s get you Bodymovin – New Vector Animations component.

Bodymovin! Adding vector animations to your prototypes has never been easier. Whether you created your animation in After Effects or you want to use a Bodymovin animation you found in a library, all you need to do is drag and drop the JSON file onto your canvas.  Find out more

What awaits in 2018?

What awaits us and what we’ll launch only time will tell but if it goes as we plan… it will be an exciting year to come. Be sure to bookmark our New Features page so you’ll always be in the know about the latest features and product refinements.

Last but not least!

To all of you who came along the ride, motivated us and provided helpful feedback on how to improve; thank you for an awesome 2017. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today. You guys rock! 

Do you know who else rocks? The amazing team behind all these new features! Thank you guys for making all this possible. 💪