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Use your muscle memory to speed up your prototyping process.

New Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts + Math in the Inspector. (+,-,*,/)

October 3, 2017

We’re constantly looking at new ways to make your design and prototyping workflow faster and easier! Saying that we’re excited to share that you can now use your muscle memory from Sketch to use our new Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts. Oh! You can now Pinch in/out to zoom too, wherever your mouse is. 🤗

Here is the entire list of all our Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts (old & new):

Wait! Don’t go; we’re not done yet! In our latest release, we’ve also introduced Math in the Inspector. You can now perform mathematical operations in any numerical input boxes in the inspector. For example, if you want to double the width of any component you simply add *2 in the input value, and will automatically calculate the new value for you.

Happy Zooming ✌ 

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