The Top Mobile App Designs of 2019

January 15, 2020

It is hard to believe that we are firmly in a new decade. From 2010 – 2019, mobile app design really took off, thanks to the near ubiquity of smartphones in many countries around the world. From high powered iPhones to feature phones in developing countries, there are a number of ways to experience mobile app designs. 

In previous years we’ve rounded up our favorite mobile app designs (see our 2018 edition here) as a way to recap the year before and this year is no different. Read on below to learn about all the apps that captured our attention last year with their innovative designs.

1. Truebill by Truebill, Inc.

Truebill has a colorful mobile app design that makes the experience of monitoring and improving finances a more enjoyable process. It features easy to understand graphs, alerts to swipe through to stay up to date, and rounded edges for a comfortable mobile app experience.

A photo of Truebill, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019

Source: Truebill

2. Squad by Squad

Squad is a social app that allows users to video chat, share their phone screens, and more. Users can view their friends’ screens or what their cameras happened to be focused on—all within a bright design that reminds us a bit of the Instagram logo’s gradient.


3. Stash by Stash

Stash combines a bank account, investment education, and micro-investing platform all into one. The mobile app design is decidedly minimal, with gradients and simple icons to give it a little flair.

A photo of Stash, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019

Source: Stash

4. Mighty – Self Defense Fitness by release2 GmbH

The Mighty app offers an opportunity to both learn self defense and get a workout in. The mobile app design is full of capital letters to emphasize specific text in its simple black and white design. This app does a great job of calling attention to essential features with rounded buttons with color schemes that transition from left to right.

5. Deserve Mobile by Deserve Inc.

Deserve determines creditworthiness using a process that is more inclusive than the average. The app itself has a sleek white and turquoise layout, as we’ve grown used to with financial products. The mobile app design makes it easy to understand key information, such as how much of your credit limit is left and when a payment is due.

A photo of Deserve, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of April 2019Source: Deserve

6. Jumbo by 2121 Atelier, Inc

Jumbo helps increase Facebook security, deletes old tweets, and more across a number of social media sites. The mobile app interface uses cute elephant animations to visualize the action the user is taking; such as toggling a button to the right to clear your Google search.

A photo of Jumbo, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: Jumbo Blog

7. Bluprint: Watch + Learn by Sympoz Inc.

Bluprint brings all of the crafting classes you could ever want straight to your phone. The mobile app design is full of angular tiles and buttons. The background shifts from white to a dark gray, based on the content you’re exploring.

A photo of Bluprint, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: Bluprint

8. Luminary by Luminary Media, LLC

Luminary podcast’s app design gives it a leg up. This clean layout is able to entice listeners to explore new podcasts and further engage with the ones they’ve already started.

A photo of Luminary, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: Luminary

9. Triller by Triller

Triller is a social media app taking the world by storm with its easy-to-create videos. The mobile app design is bright and colorful, with hot pink as its accent color of choice. In all, this mobile app is destined for social media greatness, as it helps users explore music, videos, and wraps it up in a playful design.

A photo of Triller, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: iTunes

10. Seconds Interval Timer by Runloop Ltd

If you’re doing interval training, Seconds Interval Timer enables you to load in what exercises they need to do, for how long, and in what order. The mobile app design is a crisp red and white, with the ability to color code activities and durations. It features large text and bright colors to show users how much they’ve completed, what’s left, and give the ability to start a new interval.

A photo of Seconds Interval Timer, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: Runloop

11. Moment – Pro Camera by Moment Inc.

Moment is a camera app that packs robust features into a simple UI. The mobile app design is delightfully minimal, helping users consider the composition of their photos, pick out a specific shutter speed, and more with just a few taps of their finger.

A photo of Moment, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: Engadget

12. Tap In: Meditation by Fictive Kin, LLC

Tap In offers meditation sessions that users can tune into. The mobile app design is equally as relaxing, with only a few buttons and options baked into a colorful backdrop. The focus on solid color blocks, tranquil blue orbs, and gradients with small font text are deliberate design decisions that we enjoy.

A photo of Tap In, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019

Source: Design Week

13. by Ltd. is a great tool for teams to get on the same page in terms of deadlines and project statuses. The white background with brightly color coded status helps team members easily get a visual overview of how projects are progressing.

A photo of, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source:

14. Stoic. mental health tracker by Maciej Lobodzinski

Stoic is part journaling app, part mental health app. The design is a very simple black and white background with little pops of purple to track moods and feelings over time.

A photo of Stoic, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: Stoic.

15. Music Zen by Gismart

Music Zen’s mobile app design features beautiful scenery, cards to toggle through to find the best relaxation practice, and a simple time-elapsed bar along the bottom or in a circular formation in the middle of the screen.

A photo of Music Zen, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of September 2019

Source: Gismart

16. Daily Yoga – Workout & Fitness by Daily Yoga Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

Daily Yoga has virtual classes, workout music, and a community for yogis. It offers a cool, refreshing color palette that fits perfectly with the relaxing classes on the app. It does away with icons and illustrations in favor of crisp still images from the yoga teachers in action for each lesson.

A photo of Daily Yoga, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: 9 to 5 mac

17. Foodvisor – Calorie Counter by Foodvisor

Foodvisor is a food app that aims to determine the calories and weight of food using deep learning. This colorful mobile app design makes eating healthy easier. It includes a pastel palette and delightful animated characters to bring life to the dieting and exercise process.

A photo of Foodvisor, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019Source: Foodvisor

18. Current by Finco Services, Inc.

Current reimagines banking for the mobile era. The blue to purple gradient is consistent across the app. This mobile app design brings color and animation to the financial services user experience.

 A photo of Current, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019

Source: Current

19. Anchor by Anchor FM Inc.

Anchor’s mobile app design visually encourages anyone curious about podcasting to give it a try. It offers a diverse color palette with bright accents that help the user create their podcast episodes, easily share them out, and even monetize within a few taps.

A photo of Anchor, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of November 2019Source: Anchor

20. Fabric: Life Insurance & Wills by Fabric Insurance Agency LLC

Fabric makes it easy to see family finances, like the weekly budget and insurance policies. The mobile app design is full of muted pastels that exude personality and youth, while still conveying the seriousness of the financial topics the app handles.

A photo of Fabric, Top Mobile App Designs of 2019

Source: CNBC

That wraps up our top mobile app designs for 2019, but if you’d like to explore some of our other favorites, check out our December 2019 installment

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