Top 5 Mobile App Designs of September 2019

September 24, 2019

Just like that, summer has come and gone. While we get ready for colder weather, it’s the perfect time to dive into new projects with newfound energy from the summer vacation. Here at we dug up some health and fitness mobile app design gems that you’ll want to check out. Read on to learn why these five apps caught our attention.

1. Music Zen by Gismart

In such a fast paced world, slowing down to relax, meditate, and get centered is a must. Music Zen helps users accomplish this and more with its breathing exercises, games, and music. The mobile app design features beautiful scenery, cards to toggle through to find the best relaxation practice, and a simple time-elapsed bar along the bottom or in a circular formation in the middle of the screen. One of our favorite features is the bubble wrap popping game—nothing relieves stress quite like popping bubble wrap in real life, but doing it virtually in Music Zen comes pretty close.

A photo of Music Zen, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of September 2019
Source: Gismart

2. Balance: Meditation by Elevate, Inc.

If you’re anything like us, you crave personalization in apps, instead of the same old “one size fits all” approach. Balance is a new meditation app that delivers just that: an experience that takes into account who you are and what is important to you as an individual. This allows Balance users to learn at their own pace and follow a path that works for them. The mobile app design touches on a number of trends we’ve enjoyed recently, from the Alegria illustration style, to a muted color palette, and design-heavy cards to swipe through in order to make a selection. Most of all, we enjoy the simplicity of the app’s design, as meditators don’t want to be distracted by extra bells and whistles that might detract from their practice. 

A photo of Balance, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of September 2019
Source: TechCrunch

3. Kaia Health by Kaia Health Software GmbH

Kaia Health is another company looking to make an impact through their health and wellness app. This one focuses on chronic pain and aims to help app users find relief through customized exercises. The app checks in with users to see what impact the exercises have been having on them, as well as providing general education about anatomy. Kaia also fits in with the Alegria illustration trend, but incorporates many more design elements as well. It offers a more robust color scheme that helps highlight regions of the body to focus on and user progress over time. 

A photo of Kaia Health, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of September 2019
Source: Kaia Health

4. Sleep Cycle by Sleep Cycle AB

There is no way to overstate the value of a good night’s rest. While seven to eight hours is usually suggested, tracking how many hours are right for you and finding what factors impact your sleep most can be especially helpful. Sleep Cycle tracks sleep using a user’s microphone and acts as a gentle alarm that wakes them up when they are at their lightest stage of sleep. The app has wonderful pops of color that offer a contrast to the dark black and blue of the background, which offers a soothing night sky effect throughout the mobile app design. Users track their sleep progress with easy to understand graphs that break down how much sleep they’ve gotten, with the ability to easily tap into different periods of time, such as looking into their data by week or month. 

A photo of Sleep Cycle, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of September 2019
Source: Sleep Cycle

5. Daily Yoga – Workout & Fitness by Daily Yoga Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

Lastly, we have a yoga app that offers virtual classes, workout music, and a community for yogis. It offers a cold and refreshing color palette that fits perfectly with the relaxing classes on the app. It does away with icons and illustrations in favor of crisp still images from the yoga teachers in action for each lesson. The community aspect of the app gets a bit more playful by adding more colors to the scheme and introducing a few icons to help users get active with events and popular topics on the app.

A photo of Daily Yoga, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of September 2019
Source: 9 to 5 mac

That wraps up the apps for September, but if you’d like to explore some of our other favorite mobile app designs, check out our August installment

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