Top 5 Mobile App Designs of May 2018

May 31, 2018

The countdown to summer is here and designers all over the world have been busy building the latest and greatest apps. The mobile app designs we chose to feature this month have bright call to actions that users can’t ignore. In addition, they bring an element of joy to our lives with GIFs, emojis, and logical layouts. Let’s get right into the top mobile app designs of the month.  

1. Digit by Hello Digit, Inc

Saving money can help us reach financial goals and be ready for costly emergencies that come when we least expect them. Digit automates saving and pulls it together in a clean mobile app design. The minimalist, simple white design is offset by buttons and backgrounds with their signature blue. In addition, there are fun emojis and icons to give life to things users are saving for, such as a palm tree to represent a family vacation. In all, Digit is a highly effective tool to help make saving easier and, as an added bonus, it comes in an uncluttered layout that uses white space very effectively.

A photo of Digit, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of May 2018Source:  iTunes

2. Gfycat by Gfycat

In 2018, a GIF is worth a thousand words, but finding the right one quickly can be a challenge. Gyfcat takes it further than the average GIF, with 360 degree short-form videos that are easy to insert into any conversation. The mobile app design features a simple way to search, with a search bar at the top and popular options laid out in a grid below. As users type in the kind of GIF they want, the options pop up below the search bar. Once the user selects a GIF, sharing is the most seamless part, as the app features color coded buttons for all the messaging and social platforms users can share them across on the bottom bar.

A photo of Gfycat, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of May 2018Source:  iTunes

3. Google Pay by Google

Android Pay has rebranded to Google Pay and the app is full of new features. It now allows for peer to peer payments, holds boarding passes, and more. One of my favorite features of the mobile app design is how it keeps track of all of your credit cards and aggregates the recent transactions for each one. The page that features this information starts with a high quality image of the card, gives the ability to pay now with that card, and has recent charges and nearby locations you can use the app. It meets the criteria of a personal finance app, as it has a clean white layout, with pops of color to draw the user’s attention to actions they might want to take.

A photo of Google Pay, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of May 2018Source:  Google Blog

4. SmartLens by SmartLens, Inc.

As a lover of technology, you have undoubtedly wondered how cool it would be if there were an app that could identify any object you pointed it at. SmartLens is a new app that can identify 17,000 items in under a few seconds. It is certainly still a work in progress, but it is an interesting solution to not knowing what something is in everyday life. When it comes to the mobile app design, it has a black background with bright blues and greens acting as borders around each section. The designer kept the layout simple so that after you easily identify an object, you can swipe up for more information about it on Google, Wikipedia, Yelp (if it is a business), or Amazon (if it is an available product there). This goes back to our belief that good design is intuitive and helpful.

A photo of SmartLens, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of May 2018Source: GeekWire

5. Giftagram by Giftagram Inc.

We’ve finally reached wedding season and that means it’s time to find the right gift for the newlyweds—or maybe you want to find the right thing for Father’s Day coming up. No matter the occasion, Giftagram helps with gifts on demand and you don’t even need the recipient’s address to send it out. In order to pick a gift, users scroll through cards with beautiful photos of gifts available in their country. Tapping into a gift expands it to show where the gift is available, the shipping policy, and a bright button to buy the item. What we love about Giftagram is that they don’t overcomplicate the process. Instead, in three easy steps users can swipe through gift options, learn more about them, and check out with just a few taps of their finger. This mobile app design is crisp, with a tranquil color scheme, and even makes us feel like we’re in a quaint boutique looking for a gift.

A photo of Giftagram, Top 5 Mobile App Designs of May 2018Source:  iTunes

That wraps up the apps for May, but if you’d like to explore some of our other favorite mobile app designs, check out our April installment.

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