Top 10 Mobile App UI Designs of January 2018

January 25, 2018

A new year is here, and without skipping a beat, we’ve been looking through the app stores for the latest and greatest apps with designs we can’t ignore. In the first mobile app UI design round up of 2018, you will find apps that help with fitness, drinking more water, productivity, and more. Let’s go over these exciting designs already, as we’ve got a lot in store for you!

1. Whistle 3 by Whistle

In such a connected world, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with useful “pet tech”. Whistle 3 is a collar for cats and dogs that helps owners monitor location and activity for their pets. If your pet ever goes missing, you’ll be able to track their location using GPS. And if your furry friend isn’t getting enough exercise, you can get notified and make sure to go on an extra walk with them. The app is a crisp white with bright colors to show activity graphs.

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A photo of Whistle 3, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018Source:  iTunes

2. Sweatcoin by Sweatco Ltd

Whether you’ve got a fitness related New Years resolution or you’re motivated year round, Sweatcoin is the app for you. It lets users earn “coins” based on the number of steps you take each day. Those coins can be traded in for fitness related products, like fitness trackers and workout clothes. The mobile app UI is part fitness tracker (counting your steps) and part eCommerce app (with product listings for the rewards you can save up for). Get competitive and check where you stack up on the leaderboard or how many coins you’ve earned lately. The rewards section is my favorite part of the app, with a simple card based layout that you can swipe through to see what you’d like to save your coins for.

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A photo of Sweatcoin, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018Source:  iTunes

3. Focus@Will by Dulcetta

Distractions can zap your productivity—when deadlines are looming. When my office gets too loud, I tend to put on my noise canceling headphones and turn on meditation music. Focus@Will takes a similar approach and helps its users find that productive flow with science-based music, depending on what users are working on. The app has proven that it’s able to increase focus and productivity by 400%! The no-frills app design helps users get the right music playing and get onto their work. Focus@Will has minimal buttons and yet makes it easy to customize what music you listen to, all with soothing nature images in the background.

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A photo of Focus@Will, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018Source:  iTunes

4. Edison Mail by Edison Software Inc.

Is your personal email cluttered with spam and promotional emails? This email app helps you unsubscribe easily from everything you don’t want and aggregates everything you do want, regardless of the email platform those accounts are on. One feature that stood out to me was a quick way to filter down to emails related to travel. That way, you can tap into all your upcoming trips and scroll through them, instead of having to search each location and date separately. It has vibrant images of the destinations, with icons showing what kind of email it is, for example a flight versus a hotel reservation. This is the email app we’ve been waiting for, as it has customizable settings to make it easy to delete emails and take routine actions faster than ever.

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A photo of Edison Mail, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018Source:  iTunes

5. Hidrate Spark Smart Bottle by Hidrate Inc.

As an avid tea drinker, I often forget to drink enough water as my day is starting. Hidrate Spark makes it easier to remember by gaining an understanding of how much water you, in particular, need to drink and a light on the bottle blinks when it’s time to take a sip or two. The app pairs with the smart water bottle to help you keep track of how much water you’ve had, where you left your bottle, and how you stack up compared to friends. I appreciate the dark turquoise color palette throughout the app and the many graphs that help break down your progress toward true hydration.

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A photo of Hidrate Spark Smart Bottle, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018Source:  iTunes

6. Parkmobile by Parkmobile USA, Inc

Cities are great until you have a car. Limited parking spots, the potential for tickets, and traffic put a damper on things. But Parkmobile came along and improved the experience tenfold with the ability to reserve spots, reminders and countdowns when your meter is going to run out, and more. The mobile app UI is simple, with a white background and bright colors to accent and call attention to actions you need to take. If you’re going to brave a busy city in your car, this is the app you want on your side to help you find a good spot and move your car when necessary to avoid a ticket.

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A photo of Parkmobile, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018Source:  iTunes

7. Ripple by Ripple App Corp

Professional networking has become a bit complicated. While I love LinkedIn, ads, spammy posts that try to game the algorithm, and unwanted requests and messages usually impede my experience. From former Tinder employees comes Ripple, a brand new professional networking app. It allows you to swipe through like-minded professionals, connect with them, find groups and events, and stay up to date on the news related to your industry. To me, it seems like they’ve incorporated all the good parts of LinkedIn. While it seems a little creepy, you can even take a photo of someone you meet and Ripple’s face scanner will find their profile so that you can connect. I like how light the app is design-wise with a white background and blue text.

A photo of Ripple, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018

8. Kiyo by The List App

Kiyo aims to be a social network that exists outside of the current and often stressful social media reality. With the pressure to have perfectly curated Instagram and Facebook profiles, Kiyo users can be more candid and save images for themselves or share them out with friends. While this app just launched, it could become something big. It is well organized and offers a much more relaxed way to chat and share pictures. I hope Kiyo can hold onto its unique identity, despite the pressure from the dominant players in social media.

A photo of Kiyo, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018

9. Nuzzel by Nuzzel

Each morning I wake up and check my phone. I go through emails and Twitter to see what’s going on in the world. Nuzzel aggregates all the news for its users so that they can get all the information they need, all in one place. This app cuts through the noise and features all the news you want to read about in a newsfeed format. You can check out what your friends (and even celebrities) are reading and sharing. With Nuzzel, it’s easy to see what news is popular and you can easily share with just a few taps. The mobile app UI design might be plain, but it certainly meets its goal of getting busy professionals up to date on the news in record time.

A photo of Nuzzel, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018Source:  iTunes

10. Lazy Jar by Innovative Bit

If you want to stay true to your fitness goals, Lazy Jar can make that happen. It has users set goals for a six month timeframe. They track their progress towards their goal and if they fall off and miss workouts, they get charged an amount they specified during goal setting. 80% of the fee goes to charity, so at least it’s going to a good cause. But the app’s aim is to motivate users to get moving more often and stay on track to meet their fitness goals. The app has a lovely pastel feel to make the experience of completing workouts and monitoring progress more pleasant. Not to mention, it incorporates cute icons that make the mobile app UI more playful.

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A photo of Lazy Jar, Top 10 Mobile App UI of January 2018Source:  iTunes

That wraps up the apps for January, but if you’d like to explore some of our other favorite mobile app UI designs, check out our December installment.

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