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Gear up for the iPhone X launch

October 30, 2017

The iPhone X launch is just around the corner, and as the most cutting-edge iPhone design yet, it brings with it new challenges for designers. Love it or hate it, you need to design and prototype for it, and we are very excited to announce that you can now do so in, before it officially launches. offers everything you need to design and prototype for the iPhone X.

The notch

iPhone X new notch

The most controversial aspect of iPhone X’s new design is in the top 10%, and more specifically the sensor housing aka “the notch”, as it distracts and keeps the iPhone X’s screen from truly being edge to edge. To help you create the most realistic iPhone X prototype we’ve incorporated the notch, right within your screen, both in the editor and player. You simply choose the iPhone X device for your project and the notch is automatically embedded in your screen.

New Status Bar & Home indicator

iPhone X status bar and home indicator

Our iOS library is fully updated with iPhone X’s new status bar and home indicator, which allow you to get a real feel of how your app will be affected.

Latest Devices & Rounded Corners

iPhone X Rounded corners and skin

We’ve added the latest iPhone devices (8, 8Plus and iPhone X) along with their skins. The iPhone X skin fully supports the new rounded corners, allowing you to see how your app will be affected and how it will be trimmed.

Happy Prototyping ✌

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