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Introducing Overflow

User flows done right

March 7, 2018

Turning your designs into meaningful user flow diagrams is a hassle. Whether you are using Sketch or Photoshop or any other design tool, it requires a lot of effort to link your screens together with connectors in order to present the flow of your app or website. The entire process is fragmented, taking too long to complete and becomes even more daunting when you need to keep your design flows up to date with your design changes.

Not anymore :) Today we’re excited to introduce our new product Overflow, the world’s first user flow diagramming tool tailored for designers. It makes creating beautiful user flows an effortless task, leaving time to focus on what matters the most which is communicating designs to get valuable feedback. Overflow diagrams can be previewed as a captivating presentation or a click-through rapid prototype to help designers tell the story behind their designs.

We plan to release Overflow as a public Beta in a few weeks. In the meantime, we will start rolling it out in batches to early beta subscribers, before the public release. So if you want to be one of the first to experience Overflow make sure you sign up for early access.

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