7 App Ideas that Need to Be Made

April 14, 2021

Our smartphones are full of great apps that help us get places, pay people, consume content and more. These apps have transformed our lives, but there are many more we wish we had. We were excited to get into this topic because the sky really is the limit for mobile apps. From a business idea stewing around in our heads to something we know isn’t technically feasible just yet, hearing about interesting mobile app ideas from others can help take our own ideas further.

We tapped into consumers and app creators alike to discuss interesting app ideas that haven’t been created (or haven’t been done well) just yet. To get to the bottom of their ideas, we asked them what app they wish existed but doesn’t yet. The respondents got into why they think their app idea should exist and what (if any) impact it would have on society. So let’s get into these app ideas!

1. Procrastination Stopper

Oh, does this one speak to us! With so many digital devices, animals, kids, partners, and more to divide our attention, the deep focus has become a hot commodity. That’s why Petra Odak, CMO at Better Proposals, suggests that of all the apps that need to be made, an anti-procrastination app should be a high priority.

She tells us, “While there are browser plugins that stop you from going on Facebook or Amazon, I wish something like that existed that would prevent me from turning on the TV, making the 10th coffee for the day, going for a walk around the house or doing practically anything except the actual work.” We are completely on board with this because we always get more done when we put our heads down instead of getting distracted and waiting until the last minute. 

2. Object Scanner

Many companies have tried this kind of app in the past, but no one has been able to crack it. Some niche products like iNaturalist help determine plants and animals with the snap of a photo, but what about all other objects in the world? Melissa South, SVP of Swingtie, explores this key app idea.

Two people on a foggy staircase, pointing at something they see.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could open an app and figure out what a mysterious new thing was?

“If there was an app I wish existed, it would be an app that scans items in real-time and tells you exactly what you are looking at. Think about how often you see something, and you are not sure what it is. It would be so easy to snap a quick picture of the item and get a quick description. Google has some sort of capability that matches this, but it is nowhere as effective as it should be. If technology allows it, it would be great to see the growth of apps that allow you to better understand the world.”

3. Content Chat 

Book clubs and Netflix Party are cool ways to have a shared experience around content, but what about books or shows you’re devouring by yourself? Sam Shepler, CEO of TestimonialHero, had an app idea that would get the user connected with people at the exact page or episode. He expands, “My idea is an app where you can enter the series you’re watching and the books you’re reading. Then you proceed to register in which part of the story you are in that moment, and then, after you’re done watching an episode or reading a chapter, you can share your feeling with someone who is just at the same episode/chapter as you.

“That one is the special part: you can only talk to people who are on the same page as you, that way, you avoid spoilers.”

4. Netflix for Content

With so many digital subscriptions these days, it is a lot to keep track of. The price tag can get quite large as well between multiple publications, services, and add-on charges. Todd Perry Outdoor Gadget Review’s Content Head elaborates on his ideal app idea: “This app could have a subscription fee and once the user has paid that, he could be entitled to read any book available from the application.

“Even though we have Amazon and Goodreads, they don’t quite work in the same way, and the reader still has to make a purchase for every book they read. Therefore, an app that could give the reader that experience of browsing the library, as you would in a bookstore, and then reading the book from that app even if it means reading only online [would be an ideal app to make.]

A woman in a bookstore carrying a large stack of books.
Wouldn’t it be great to have every book and every newspaper in one app?

“Now the app must contain all kinds of books, journals, periodicals, and printed content to give the user accessibility across all reading forums in order to become a true reading solution.”

We are with Todd on this one. Creating this app would make it much easier and cheaper to consume high-quality content on the go, much like Netflix has done with tv shows and movies. But we are certain there would be a lot of red tape from publishers.

5. Matchmaking for Business

There are plenty of dating and friendship apps out there, but why should small businesses be left out of the fun? Many small businesses rely on referrals, professional organizations, or even just a Google search to look for partners, but what if it was much more organized than that? That’s where Daivat Dholakia’s, Director of Operations at Force by Moji app idea comes in.

He tells us, “I’d love to see an app that worked like a traditional matchmaking app, but it matched small businesses looking to partner or hire other small businesses. I think it’d be a great way to increase the visibility of small companies in the local or greater area among one another, and it could produce some interesting partnerships… It would also cut down on the number of time people would have to spend shopping around online for their perfect B2B match.”

6. Matchmaking for Property

Continuing on the matchmaking theme, if you have ever worked with another person to rent or buy a property, you know how cumbersome the process is. You both might have slightly different criteria, and plenty of time is wasted when you go down a rabbit hole researching or visiting a property that they end up disliking. So why not put the Tinder model to work for this issue? 

Tony Martin, Founder at Profitable Venture, breaks down his app that needs to be made: “What I feel would make this process so much easier is like a Tinder for properties, that you could connect with other people on. So you connect with a person (a business partner, a romantic partner, or anyone you may like to buy or rent with), and then you both swipe on properties. When you both match on a property, it lets you know, and then you can make a booking to go view it through the app. This would make it so much more convenient and save a lot of time on discussions about a property before even seeing it.”

A woman on a video call with her doctor.
Wouldn’t it be useful to have the advice of your doctor and verified medical information in your pocket around the clock?

7. All-Encompassing Health App

Health apps all have a singular focus. There are apps to chat with therapists, others to track your menstrual cycle, another to schedule an appointment with your doctor… but what if they were all rolled into one? It would be much easier to keep track of your medical information, understand more about symptoms for conditions, and schedule appointments. Sharon van Donkelaar, CMO at Expandi, shares her vision of one of her favorite app ideas: “it could provide professional medical, nutritious, and food supplement advice. It could monitor your general screening, tests, and analysis due date so people could monitor their health.

“Moreover, a whole section could be designed for food intake, nutrients, and healthy eating as a whole. Another one for fertility and conception. Another for daily habits monitoring according to the age category of the user.”

She brings up a great point that there are so many disparate locations to get medical information and advice. It is easy to be misinformed if you stumble onto a non-reputable website on accident. This app idea would create a trustworthy repository that all people could go to to find health information and keep track of their own.  

These are just a start, with all the wonderful app ideas out there. We’d love to hear your favorite app ideas. Let us know by tweeting us @Protoio. helps you bring your idea to life in no time, with no coding skills required. It’s ideal for UX designers, entrepreneurs, product managers, marketers, students, and anyone with a great idea. Sign up for a free 15-day trial to start building your first prototype today!