Start prototyping for wearables

March 27, 2014

Good news, everyone! You can now prototype for the future, with wearables! now supports Android Wear! To illustrate how the experience of your app will look on Android Wear, we’ve created a demo:

Make sure you also swipe to the left to see the action elements of “Messages” (screen 2) and “Flight” (screen 3).

View Demo

Create your own

We have added Android Wear as a system device when you create a new project.

From your dashboard, click the “Add new project” button. Then, in the “New project” modal (see screenshot below), go to the “Android” tab and select the “Android Wear” device.

android wear device protoio

That’s it! Make sure you tweet us any cool wearable prototypes you’ve made!

P.S. Designers, you can now find us on Dribbble as well:


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